Jagruti Duggal

Founder/CEO of 1Nation Media, BeautyInU & Le Crown Events
Mobile: 07947182703

Jagruti Duggal a British Asian female born and brought up in Birmingham in the heart of

Handsworth, a multi-cultural community environment, a local community within the West Midlands. Coming from a family business background and interest in building my own business was from a young age.

During my education at school I would help within the Insurance family run business to gain knowledge on how to deal with cases and manage a business. Throughout the time of college and University I had continuously worked in different fields to understand the field her interest was in.

Degree Background was within the creative arts of Dance and Drama, becoming a successful Scriptwriter and Director after finishing University which led to setting up her first company 1Nation.

Having been successful within the arts grew giving more opportunities to utilise my skills and experience within other fields such as Business management, law and running a business. With over 15 years of experience tackling through many obstacles only made the Company stronger.

Jagruti an award winner for two of my companies 1Nation Media and BeautyInu and entrepreneur of three businesses looks to taking Le Crown Events into the same direction through hard work and commitment with the continuous support from her parents and the team appointed.

Education and Work Background


  • BA Honours Degree in Theatre Studies and Dance
  • CMI Management Level 5 Senior Management and Project Management LLB Law Degree Pass
  • 121 Counselling Level
  • Beauty VTCT
  • Social Work Level 1

Work Background

1Nation Cultural connector Director of the theatre company delivering workshops based on taboo subjects to young people and the adults within the community of all cultural backgrounds

Drama Trainer for young people in Wolverhampton part of SAMPAD. Train up young people and to support and help starting up their own theatre group raising issues affecting young people and families. Workshops were delivered and taking on the young people’s views a script was written, and directed by me and performed at the MAC Theatre in Birmingham

Script writer and Director for 1Nation Cultural Arts Connector based on taboo and sensitive subjects such as bullying, teenage pregnancy, health, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, sexual abuse, rape, healthy eating, Educational DVD – inspiration shines through and breaking the silence. A respected Asian female who raised awareness of many taboo subjects, I was the name within the media to face challenges and discuss the fact of life which the public from various communities could not speak up about.

WALKWAYS a Project Manager and counsellor for the Asian communities to break down cultural barriers and stigma associated with counselling. I had undertaken an active role with the view of them utilising the service provided where they understand that I was approachable and that everything was dealt with in total confidence through gaining their trust. The success of this can be evidence by the number of people using the service.

Project coordinator Walsall PCT for Teenage pregnancy within the South Asian Communities (YASH Project), delivering workshops within youth and community centres, started focus groups in each centre across Walsall, breaking barriers for open communication on the subject and through the recommendations and finding gaps within the services having utilising my creative skills I had delivered this as a piece of drama that would suit the audience.


Project Manager for Teenage Pregnancy at Barnardo’s for Sandwell PCT within the Asian community, delivering workshops within youth and community centres, started focus groups in each centre across Sandwell, breaking barriers for open communication on the subject, and through the recommendations and finding gaps within the services having utilising my creative skills I had delivered this as a piece of drama that would suit the audience. Started a young people’s Sexual health training group by training them on facilitating workshops, delivering through drama and promoting the group across the Midlands and beyond as the first young trainers on sexual health. Through my work as the project manager it was a requirement to produce quarterly reports on the work initiated with recommendations of gaps within the services which was then presented to the Directors Board for their review and the work was completed to such a satisfactory standard that further funding was made available. I had organised community events, as well as the DVD launch party where professionals from the health field were invited to attend. The DVD launch consisted of training the young people on how to plan, organise and implement and event as well as choreographing a dance for the launch and recognising their talent which they performed on the night. Prior to this event self- esteem and confidence building skills were delivered to the young people with the view of them becoming independent. I was recipient of many accolades from the Health Sector, Voluntary Sector organisations and the general public. Moreover the DVD and workshop pack that I have collated has been recognised as one of the best educational DVD and workshop pack produced for the sector and is used nationally

Staff Recruitment: Job descriptions, shortlisting, interviewing and selecting the candidates that fit the job criteria for my projects and supervising them through the work as well as supporting and delivering training.

Drama Youth Worker, working with young people in Solihull, training them on acting techniques, teaching and choreographing dances for their dance festivals and directing plays performed to the wider community.

Key Note speaker for subjects such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Health, Drugs and Alcohol, Mixed Relationships, Forced/Assisted and Arranged Marriages, Bullying amongst young people/adults and within the working environment. Sexual Abuse and Rape

Community Project Leader for Children with disabilities in which my responsibilities included actively working with their families, assisting in completion of the forms that would help with their financial matters as well as housing. Furthermore, arranging outdoor activities and organised a trip to Paris for children’s of those families who could not afford the cost for themselves, a pack which I had put together myself has been replicated by the organisation and other similar organisations within the Disability Sector.

Head Manager for friending project of young people who had low self-esteem which meant they were lacking confidence to independently going out and socialise with their peers.

Head Project Manager for young girls being Groomed in Walsall, Educating on what constitutes groomed and raising the awareness through workshops, discussions and educating them in the ways of understanding the difference of being loved and being exploited

1Nation Media: PR Promotions and Marketing Artists within the music Industry, Events organised by external promoters, professional companies and The Arts across the Midlands. This is done via social media with prior contracts and agreements with the clients. Having managing a team of seven people delegating responsibilities to cover events through photography, filming and further promotion to a much wider audience

Management: Managing a well-known Live Band Bhangra All Stars through 1Nation Media to further their talent as a band nationally and internationally via promotions and contacts through my on networking and introducing the band enabling them to be booked up for events and special occasions. The band is a group of talented individuals which needed further assistance where as an individual with my skills and experience has been a success to work on a long term basis to also draw up contracts between clients the band and other artists.

Dancer/Choreographer: for special occasions, catwalk shows, director for photoshoots and, choreographing dances for couples for their first dance at their wedding and delivering one to one dance sessions for those who lack confidence in dancing at parties.

BeautyInU: Professional hair and make-up artists for the public, Catwalk models, magazine shoots and Music videos. Having opened up a beauty salon within the community which is unisex has built a good relationship with the people from all backgrounds helping them by advising them on their health and providing tips on what products to use. A full wedding package service provided.

Le Crown Events: Events Management/Coordinator for organising Community and Charity Events, Dinner and Dances, Birthdays, weddings, Anniversaries, corporate events, social gatherings, Religious events, proposals, boxing events, outdoors events, festival associated events and utilising my contacts and links where we help save money, but without compromising on the quality of service provided

The Drum Theatre & Symphony Hall

Two well established and respected Arts & Entertainment companies approached 1Nation Media to take on board the Media and PR for all their Asian events in respective of community cohesion and more audience to enter their building. A success of working together through promoting shows had given the opportunity and opened doors to working with the black and non-Asian communities by attending board meetings and working with the heads of each department

Voluntary work, feeding the homeless by providing food two days a week in Birmingham city centre and engaging with the homeless people and where appropriate providing guidance and listening to their concerns.